This information is only valid for partners who use the WHMCS plugin (version 2.0 and higher) and has been tested for WHMCS 5.3.x and WHMCS 6.0.x.

1. General Overview

1.1 Installing the plugin

  • Go to your WHMCS installation directory and upload the TopCLoudXL package (zip file)
  • Unpack the files in the zip file to the /modules/servers/yourcloudstore directory

1.2 Testing the plugin with the trial account

After signing up for the free trial go into the “Account” section of the Partner Portal.

Here you can find your API username and Generate the API Token.
The API password is the same one as was created for your trial account.
You can change it here as well.
Now you can setup two trial services inside WHMCS.

The following videos show how to setup these products inside WHMCS:
For Open-Xchange (trial):

The following details are needed for the setup :

API Hostname
API Username The same username as you received in the signup mail or can be found in the accounts section of the portal
API Password The same username as you received in the signup mail
API Token The token can be found in the accounts section of the partner portal as shown above
API Secure Connection Checked
Service Plan ID Variable and will show up after saving the previous credentials
Period ID Variable and will show up after selecting the product
Reseller URL (no https:// or trailing information)
Test subdomain {random}

Important notice: Any trial product you create will be automatically destroyed after 5 days so they are not to be used for production purposes. Also make sure you do not use any real customer data with creating the accounts.

1.3 Upgrading from a trial account

To upgrade from the trial partner account to a full account, go to the partner portal and on the main screen click on the plus sign next to “My CloudStores”.

We will then setup your production account using the extra information supplied in the wizard. Because of the registration and approval for the wildcard certificate please allow for one business day for the setup to be completed. After the setup the API login details will not change, just the API will be pointing to your own Cloud environment and no longer to the trial

1.4 Setting up the plugin for the production environment

Login to the admin site of WHMCS

  • Go to the Product section
  • Click on “Create a New Product”, select a category and name the product for instance “Hosted Exchange 2013 Business”. We will use Hosted Exchange as an example here but other products can be setup in similar way.
  • Next go to the Pricing section and select recurring with a 0.00 price per month setup. The actual usage price depends on the resources/options a customer selects


  • Now select the Module Settings Tab.


  • Fill in the API hostname
  • Get your API token via the partner portal (see FAQ section).
  • Fill in the API username/password and API Token.
  • Select API Secure Connection and press “Save Changes”. ! Please wait for the page to load, it can take several minutes to synchronise all products!
  • Now select “Gateway4Cloud –Exchange 2013 Starter Kit” from the Service Plan ID list.


  • Fill in the automation domain you selected at partner signup, usually this {yourchoice} (without https://)
  • Next step is to click on “Generate default” of the Configurable options. This grabs the list of resources from the product. And should produce a popup.


! Make sure you press the “save” button after creation of the configurable options!

  • Click on the “Configurable options tab” and make sure the autogenerated options are selected.


  • Now head on over to the configurable options section.
  • And click on f03b7d3a9c545e6a865817f8401733f1 the next to the configurable options that where just created.
  • Next edit both the “Hosted Exchange 2013 Basic User” and the “Hosted Exchange 2013 Business User” and “1GB Hosted Exchange 2013 Diskspace for Gateway4Cloud” and setup the monthly prices per user you want to charge.


  • Click on the “Configurable options tab” and make sure the autogenerated options are selected.c18a5e22ff85919ffb665fbdb62292ea


  • Press “Save Changes” and then “Close Window”.

This process can be used for other products in the TopCloudXL catalogue as well.

FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

If I try the “test connection” button in the module I receive an error message “Error: Invalid details or server unavailable”

Please check the following things:

  1. Is the WHMCS server able to connect outgoing on ports 443 and 80? Try the following command from the command prompt of the server telnet 443 if you receive a response the server this is not blocking. If not you probably have a firewall setting preventing you from making outbound connections.
  2. Check the credentials for spaces or copy/paste errors.
  3. Check that you select the “API secure connection” box is selected.
  4. If you however do see a selection box next to the Service Plan ID then the
    communication was successful and you can continue configuration.

The module says the action is successful but the service is not active.

  1. First open the Module Logs
  2. Make sure the Enable Debug Logging function is on.
  3. Then check the logging marked with TopCloudXL.
  4. The left box contains the request send to the server; the right box contains the answer. When opening a ticket always enclose both request and response.

Does TopCloudXL need to open its API for us based on IP address.

No, the API is publicly available. Authentication is done via username/password and token verification.

Where can I find the CloudApps.CLUB list prices (prices without the partner discount)

Latest prices can be found in the Partner Portal under the tile “pricelist” in the main screen

Where do I find my API Token?

You can generate your token by:

  1. Go to the Partner portal:
  2. Login with the credentials you received after signup.
  3. Click on the “Account” tile in the left group of tiles.
  4. Click on the “Generate token for API”.

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