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With more and more IT security breaches being reported in the press, consumers are keen to find better ways to protect their privacy, money and digital assets from malware and Internet-based attacks. Whether you’re an Internet Service Provider, Mobile Communications Provider, Bank, Insurance Company, Financial Services Provider or Games Community – or you deliver almost any other type of online service to customers or subscribers – Kaspersky Subscription Service can help you to boost your revenues, by meeting your customers’ demands for greater security.


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What Kaspersky Offers



Tailor your offering

Whether you want to offer your customers just one of our products or a selection of security options, we’ve got solutions for almost every consumer IT security requirement.


For Servers, PCs, and Andriod Devices

Kasperksy small office Security is the security suite for PCs, Windows servers and android phones for smaller companies who need to take control of their workers’ devices without having dedicated IT personnel to manage it for them.

Kaspersky Small Office Security Key Features

Defends laptops, desktops & servers against malware
Combining real-time, cloud-assisted technologies plus powerful anti-malware technologies that run on your devices.
Simplifies security - including remote management
It’s extremely easy to use – managing your IT security isn’t a chore and you can spend more time on your core business activities.
Adds extra security for online banking and payments
Kaspersky Small Office Security helps keep your money, credit card numbers and bank account information safe.
Protects Android devices - via anti-theft & more
Defends against malware and cybercriminals, blocks unwanted calls and texts and protects confidential information on lost or stolen phones.
Prevents leakage of company & customer information
Encrypts data on PCs & file servers, backs up data and manages, securely stores & synchronizes all your passwords.
Secures businesses against phishing & Internet risks
Protects against fraudulent websites trying to steal from you, warns you about suspicious files and dangerous website links and saves you time.

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