Sóshlr is a product for resale by web hosts and Service providers

Offer your customers an easy to use social media management solution. Sóshlr gives businesses greater control to coordinate brand management and marketing inside Facebook, Twitter, Linked, and Instagram. All from a single dashboard.

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white-label Partners.

15+ Countries and

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Serve your customers better and energize your bottom line. As a Sóshlr Partner, you will:



Increase your profits

Delivers Web Hosts and Service Providers with a unique point of difference to propel growth.


Keep good customers

Sóshlr addresses an increasing demand by businesses seeking to effectively manage social media spanning multiple social media platforms

Here’s how you will gain more awareness, traffic, and revenue with Sóshlr:

A business is able to consolidate and organize the management of social media assets and users with alignment to its structure.
Sóshlr delivers brand and user management controls to help achieve brand and content consistency across all of its social media assets
A business can store and share approved brand assets and content for publishing across social media assets with the Sóshlr centralized media library.
A business is able to centrally manage and update many social media assets, in just one click – delivering efficiencies and thereby allowing more time for a business to focus on the customer.
Obtain a single view of the aggregated community and user activity across business social media assets from a single dashboard display.
Sóshlr is scalable – to manage an increasing social media presence from many social media assets.

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Your recipe for marketing success includes an action plan that covers the following areas

Security and
Brand Control
Greater control
control panel
Media Library
and Storage
Efficient Asset
Premium Support

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FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

How many Social media business pages can I add to one account?

Manage 1 to 50 social media business pages or accounts across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn directly from a single dashboard.

What is Sóshlr?

Sóshlr is an easy to use management tool; purpose built for SMB’s to save them time in managing content across more than one social media page and platform. Using Sóshlr, a business can publish posts, view community feeds and analytics, achieve consistent branding, and schedule a campaign across multiple pages and platforms, in just one click – all from a single dashboard.

Who can benefit from Sóshlr?

Any business with one to 60 social media pages, may have more than one user updating pages, and is looking to save time and better manage how they push out posts and effectively engage with their community to grow their business.

Why would you use Sóshlr?

Studies show it takes a midsize business about 32 hours a month to capably handle a single social media platform (Forbes.com). Finding adequate time to manage more than one social media page – either on the same platform or across multiple platforms can be challenging. Add to this, the challenge of coordinating multiple users, ensuring consistent branding and consciously engaging with their social media community to grow the business.

How does Sóshlr help?

Sóshlr enables a business to manage their social media presence from a single dashboard, with ability to centrally update, post content inside Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. An SMB can view community feeds across all managed pages and accounts on the platforms supported by Sóshlr. A business can control and view who has access to post, track activity and assign permissions, eliminating the need to grant direct access to their social media pages.

Do costumers need to install software to use Sóshlr

Sóshlr is cloud based and accessed from a web browser, so there is no installation required. Sóshlr is password protected and each user has a unique login.

Who do I contact with a technical issue?

Sóshlr has some standard user guides within the support center of the solution. A customer can raise any specific billing or technical issues via their reseller. A reseller can raise questions with the Sóshlr contact – refer to the contact listing for details.

What are the top three value proposition points of Sóshlr?

  1. Simplicity to manage content across multiple social media pages across multiple
    social media platforms with multiple users.
  2. Low cost solution with high impact on timesavings for SMB’s.
  3. Reliable product utilizing Manalto’s enterprise-grade technology.

How easy is Sóshlr to use?

Sóshlr is intuitive and built with simplicity. A built in Getting Started Wizard upon login for the first time will help navigate users to connect and get up and running to publish a post. Sóshlr enables a business to manage multiple social media pages centrally without needing to individually access each social media platform.

How scalible is Sóshlr?

As a business grows their social media presence, Sóshlr supports the growth. Sóshlr’s range of packages allows for more users and more pages.

What security does Sóshlr have?

Sóshlr uses best practice user login security and has built in individual permission capability to assign users specific tasks – read, review, edit and distribute. There are also built in approval mechanisms, which can be set up to ensure that posts are approved before being published.

Why can a costumer only monitor community feeds and view statistics on Instagram, and not post?

Sóshlr’s Instagram driven functions are upgraded in line with Instagram’s public API releases. Currently, Instagram only offers viewing of community feeds and Instagram available analytics. Users can quickly view their Instagram statistics and feeds centrally in Sóshlr while viewing activity on all their pages, and access Instagram directly to post.

Which LinkedIn pages does Sóshlr support?

LinkedIn is a platform designed for professional engagement – both at an individual and business level. Sóshlr currently supports LinkedIn personal pages making regular engagement on LinkedIn easier. SMB professional services firms such as law and accounting firms will greatly benefit from having the ability for users to view engagement and post to LinkedIn using Sóshlr. Sóshlr has plans to support business pages in the near future.

Who do I talk to within my costumers’ business?

You will be either talking to a small business owner, who is interested in knowing how the benefits of the solution will help grow their business and save them time, as well as ensuring that they can have greater control over their branding or users. You may be talking directly with the person responsible for social media marketing the business, who will be interested in how the solution can aid their marketing efforts in managing social media effectively, raise brand awareness, achieve greater take up of offers, and help demonstrate their marketing success. In the instance that you are talking with a business who may already have a solution in place, it might be worth looking for current pain points they are experiencing with their current solution – features, usability, price.